Friday, December 31, 2010

Registration Checklist

  • Check that your account supports class registration.  If it does, you will see a "Registration" button on the left-hand-side of your account home page.  Please click here, to read more about INCH full membership.

  • Use the "Family Members" button on your account home page to add or update the list of family members who are attending co-op classes.  Be sure to include yourself, since you will be serving as teacher and class aide.

  • Click the "Registration" button, to check the registration schedule.  To reward volunteer teaching, INCH allows teachers to register early, for the hours that they are teaching.  Know and understand when your registration window opens, to give yourself the best chance of getting your kids into the classes you want.

  • Click the "Class Schedule" button on the account home page, to see what classes are offered, read class descriptions, and check for homework requirements and class fees.

  • When you are ready to register, click the "Registration" button again, and follow the registration instructions.

  • When finished, use the "Family Schedules" button, to verify your kids' class schedules.  If there are any problems, please contact the INCH Board.
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