Saturday, November 3, 2012

Phased Registration

There have been many questions about how INCH's phased registration works and why we even do it that way in the first place. Originally, the phases preceding "open" registration were meant to be part of "early" registration, mainly to entice and reward volunteer teachers, and it also made the manual process more manageable. But over time, especially as we moved online, "open" registration started being perceived as "late" registration, a punishment for those who didn't teach. Please know that this was never our intent, and we hope that this page will help clear up that misconception. Rules and specific dates are listed on INCH's Members-only Class Registration page.

Please note that once class choices have been submitted, they can only be changed by a Board member.

Board Members

This isn't an official phase, but since Board members have full access to the family schedules anyway, they can register as soon as the class schedule is finalized.


This first formal phase usually begins four days prior to "open" registration and allows volunteer teachers to sign up their children for classes that are offered during the same hours that they are teaching.  Other hours are grayed out at this time, but will become available in latter stages.

New members are not required to teach their first trimester, but if they do, they will also be able to register at this time.

Returning Members

Two days later, all returning members are able to sign up for all hours.  This two-day phase excludes new members, even those who are teaching.  This part of the rule is possibly the greatest source of confusion.

Open Registration

The final stage allows all full-time members to register for all hours, without restriction.

Closing of Registration

Registration lasts a total of about twelve days, after which time class selections can be made only by request.

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