Saturday, November 7, 2015

SilverCORD Version 2.0: INCH Edition

In August, 2015, I released version 2.0 of the SilverCORD class registration website. It represents a collection of incremental improvements, made over the course of over a year.

New Colors and Icons

Say "good-bye" to the bright yellow and turquoise, and give a hearty "hoo-yah" to muted yellows and bright blue and green! And to go along with the cool new colors, feast your eyes on a great set of icons, courtesy Incors.

Updated Class Registration

A big drawback of the original website design was that previous class registration data always needed to be erased every trimester, limiting availability of historical information. The data storage was rewritten, to improve views of the past and enable the future addition of transcripts.

Updated Class Information

Class information has been enhanced with a Requirements section, Pre-Requisite, Co-Requisite, and Restricted check box. Pre-Requisite is not quite working yet, but the Co-Requisite setting notifies the Board if a student is not registered for classes that go together, such as both sessions of a two-hour class.

Restricted classes are multi-trimester classes that only accept new students in the first trimester that they are being offered. For instance, it does not make sense for anyone to jump into the middle on an ongoing, year-long Chemistry class. Restricted classes are treated as "full", for subsequent trimesters, preventing new students from signing up.

Event Log (Admins)

This administrative feature records account logins and data changes, leaving a "bunny trail", if anything needs to be corrected later.

Entire Class Catalog (Admins)

This page is most useful for detecting discrepancies in class registration. Filtering and sorting features make it easier to find the information you need.

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